braids make everyone like a bajillion times cuter



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it’s french.


when people say ‘eren, mikasa, and levi

tsami sent:

Daffodil, Aster, Azelea uvu

Haha I forgot I reblogged that

Daffodil:What’s the most thoughtful present you’ve ever received?

Goshhh a few years ago on christmas when I was still dating my girlfriend she made me a cute little books full of pugs and I screamed

Aster:Would you rather be cold or hot?

Hot, I hate being cold you can’t do anything and you have to wear 1000000 layers of clothes

Azalea:What’s a movie you cried while watching?

Dog of Flanders… grace probably already told you that though she’s also trying to get me to watch Grave of the Fireflies and I’m like no

Please reblog if you think a blind person can cosplay.


I’ve been very self-conscious even though I never cosplayed, and I’m afraid that people will make fun of me if I show up at a convention with my cane, so please reblog if you wouldn’t mind?!


hey friends i still have A LOT of these dumb homestuck stickers i made for my 1000th follower giveaway like YEARS ago haha. Not all of these are characters are available. i dont wanna throw them away and they’re taking up space so who wants them.

short give away,

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dont have to follow

random number generator pick

ends August 4th 2014

no international shipping sorry :’( (unless you wanna pay for it i guess)



Some of my favorite anime fansubs