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the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” is actually not the full phrase it actually is “curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back” so don’t let anyone tell you not to be a curious little baby okay go and be interested in the world uwu

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Blood is thicker than water The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.

Meaning that relationships formed by choice are stronger than those formed by birth.

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Well from the original post there were multiple pictures, from what I saw in them the colors didn’t really look that different other than john (and jade’s ?) skin tones. I wanna go into my local hot topic and see it for myself though :/

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hey, not trying to justify the other anons point of view on white washing, but that shirt where people are saying it is whitewashed, i just dont think it is. all the colors seem off in the way it was printed. even the trolls look a little different. john is still darker than the other kids, and rose and dave look almost a little yellow. i think something might be up with the colors they used to print the shirts

I really hope that’s just the case .-.


💎 fuck love give me diamonds 💎

Goodnight everyone! Sleep well, be safe, don’t side with whitewashers

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the way u draw the nose!!!!! ymirs nose!! cute.

Ahh thank you !! I love drawing noses all noses are cute