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I'm Olivia and I care more about fictional characters than real people. Enjoy your stay. ♥

**Yes, you may use my art as your icon/sidebar/etc. with CREDIT. Thank you!!

I saw the cutest nezumi and shion today they need a post of their own ;0;


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My favorite part of every con is that there’s always at least one blackstar that’s in character

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i adore you more now because of those hetalia fanarts ily goodbye //dies


thank you!!! have an england!!!! (*≧▽≦)

Samira Wiley for Bello Mag

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Sexy eremins



FREE! / Pokemon crossover!!!

haru: dolphin + vaporeon

makoto: orca + lanturn

kiss me: betta fish + dewgong 

gou: shark + corsola

rei: flying fish + finneon

nagisa: sunset anthias + piplup

sousuke: whale shark + seadra

rin: shark + sharpedo

ai: pilot fish + ducklett

momotaro: clown fish + buizel

first time making a gif ((((((;v;))))))

Wow I literally just arrived at the con


Tokyo Ghoul Volume 13 Omake {translated by saezutte}

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